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Wedding Questionnaire



These questions will help me formulate rough draft of a wedding timeline for your day. The timeline for the day is very dependent upon photo time and I try to leave generous amounts of time for everything so we can always stay on time and you feel relaxed throughout the day. After you fill out the questionnaire for your timeline I’ll email you a rough draft of what your timeline will look like for the day and from there we can move things around and change it until it’s perfect for you!

Important Things To Note

– Family group photos can take up to 2-3 minutes per grouping, the more groupings you have for your family shots (especially larger groupings) the longer we’ll have to spend taking photos.

– If there are specific guests you want photos with, but you don’t want to take up more time during group photo time, put them on the list and grab me during the reception to make sure you get a photo with those guests. I’ll add them to our list so we make sure we don’t leave without getting those photos.

– In your final timeline draft I won’t be listing photos of things such as, your wedding dress hanging up, first kiss, cake cutting, and all those other events that happen at every wedding. You hired me to take photos and those are shots I always get, the ones I include in your timeline are ones that are a specific request or specific family groupings. So, if you don’t see all the typical highlight shots of your wedding day on the final timeline, don’t worry! Those are the ones I always get!

– Keep in mind the time of your ceremony compared to when the sun sets. If you are getting married close to sunset and planning to do all your photos (wedding party, family, and couples photos) after the ceremony you may not have enough time for daylight outdoors. This may mean you want to switch around the timeline a little bit, move the ceremony time, or be prepared to do group shots and your portraits indoors or in the dark. Ideally I love to shoot everyone in the daylight outdoors as much as possible.

If your wedding is featured online (on my website or another) I’d love to credit your other wedding vendors (example: florist, venue, DJ, dress, etc.) Please list the names of your vendors below.
Where are you getting ready? Please list addresses for both of you.
Which photos, if any, do you want to do before the ceremony?
8. Dinner Options *
If booked through dinner, will a meal be provided for photographer and assistant?
Please list the names and roles of members of your wedding party and family.
Are there any tense family situations, such as divorces, I should be aware of during group photo time? 
Are there any restrictions or policies about photography from your venue? If they have provided you with an alternate document please feel free to email it to me.
12. Receiving Line
Are you doing a receiving line after the ceremony?
13. Family Photo Groupings
Please check the boxes for groupings of family photos you would like to have.
14. Wedding Party Photo Groupings *
Please check the boxes below for the groupings you would like for photos of the wedding party.
Are there any special guests you want to make sure to get a photo with?
Are there any additional group photos you would like during family photo time?